The Forces Shaping Europe

Howard Shore, Executive Chairman of Shore Capital was a panelist on ‘The forces Shaping Europe’ at the Milken Institute Global Conference.

Watch the full discussion here.

As Europe struggles to recover from the longest recession in its history, the lack of solidarity among the 28 member states of the European Union is evident in their inability to formulate common solutions to the most pressing problems. Economic growth continues to be subpar in much of the EU, and unemployment remains high at 9.5 percent, despite the European Central Bank’s unprecedented monetary efforts to pump up eurozone activity and the benefit of deeply depressed energy prices. Greece’s collapse, instability in Ukraine, terrorism and now the wrenching refugee crisis all have weighed on European confidence. The biggest test may be ahead: On June 23, Britons will vote on “Brexit” – a referendum on whether to stay in the EU. This session will explore the future of the union, with or without Britain, and what member states should do to boost political stability, economic growth and more opportunities for their 508 million inhabitants.