The Black trilogy raises £9,000

Clive Black is better known as the scourge of the retailers, but he left his whip behind this weekend to complete a trio of running events in the Macclesfield Half Marathon.

The Shore Capital retail analyst, who dubs himself Fat Boy Slim, has managed an epic trilogy completing The Morrisons Great North Run, the Grand National course and lastly the Macclesfield Half. Over the course of these events he has managed to raise nearly £9,000 for Sue Ryder Homes, which cares for people with life-changing illnesses.  It is there for people and their loved ones, whether it’s bringing comfort to someone’s final days or enabling them to make the most of their life.

Commenting on the third phase of the Black running trilogy, Clive said: “Such is the time it takes me to run, Peter Jackson now thinks Lord of the Rings is too short. “Time, it has to be said, was not my prime objective for this course as opposed to getting around. After about four and half miles thoughts of Rio dissipated and consideration for an IOC agenda item on plodding came to the fore. “The hills of greater Macclesfield are a real challenge for a tubby bloke of my shape but I did manage to get around without stopping. I don’t think Mo would have done this one in less than an hour, as he did in South Shields. As for fatty Black, I came in at two hours and 14 minutes.

“I know that Sue Ryder is bowled over by the generosity of folk whilst I am simply stunned. Thank you to one and all for all of the amazing donations, The ‘fund’ is now close to £9,000! Such monies will make a difference at the coal face.”

He managed to complete the Morrisons Great North Run in just over two hours. “I had wanted to give Mo a run for his money but someone decided to give him a 30-minute head start and there was no taking into account my somewhat fuller shape. If it had been the other way around he’d still have beaten me by half an hour,” he admitted.

Let’s help Clive gets to £10,000 to raise money for such an excellent cause. Please send donations to

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