Shore Capital makes gains and continues to materially punch above its weight in Extel 2017 Survey


The annual Extel Survey sees Shore Capital sustain another year of top rankings in the UK small & mid-cap brokers survey.

Shore Capital’s strong overall position also shows our high standing with the fund management community, for which we are very appreciative.


Highlights from the Extel 2017 Survey results

•        Eamonn Flanagan retained his No.1 position in Insurance

•        Clive Black retained his No.2 position in Retail

•        The Consumer Goods team of Darren Shirley and Phil Carroll, retained their No.3 position

•        The Financials team of Gary Greenwood and Paul McGinnis rose to No.4, building upon their No.5 standing in 2016

•        In Media the team, led by Roddy Davidson, rose to No.5, building upon their No.6 standing in 2016

•        In Transport & Logistics, the team led by Martin Brown, was ranked No. 5

•        Leisure & Gaming (Greg Johnson) and Healthcare Research (Tara Raveendran and Adam Barker) also made progress year-on-year in

          the rankings, to be in top 10 positions

•        The Sales Team made a strong step forward, rising to No.6

•        There were also notable improvements in the positioning of Shore Capital’s Trading & Execution team, Oil & Gas research, and

          Corporate Broking franchise from the fund management community


Speaking on the publication of the Extel survey 2017, Shore Capital Market’s CEO, Simon Fine, stated:

‘Shore Capital Markets has a very high quality team of which I am immensely proud. Our equity research and idea generation is the core currency of our entrepreneurial business, and we are very grateful for the support of the fund management community in our participating markets. 

Our continuous improvement and effectiveness is an important feature of the success of the business as an IPO issuer and raiser of secondary funds, where we remain active and successful through our Corporate Broking & Advisory department in which we continue to invest. 

It is particularly pleasing to see the broadening and deepening of our support from the market in Extel 2017 and so our improved overall position, particularly in the area of Trading & Execution. The market position of Shore Capital in the top-10 of UK Small & Mid-Cap brokers, when set against the size of many of our competitors, is an enormous testimony to the hard work and capabilities of our team, who I would also like to thank for their efforts.’