A client-focused team of 24 traders – supported by an extensive distribution network and a leading electronic trading platform

Sales Trading

Shore Capital’s vastly experienced Sales Trading team have access to a broad and ever-growing distribution network of institutions, hedge funds, wealth managers and family offices.

The team offers a highly rated execution service focussing on clients’ needs to trade both high and low touch business across global markets.

With their wealth of knowledge, our team provide daily market intelligence updates to clients and support them to develop trading strategies that are tailored to their needs so that they can capitalise on opportunities in the market.

Our extensive distribution network enables the team to seek liquidity with minimal market impact through our proven ability to trade large blocks and multi ADV trades.

The Sales Trading team play an integral role in assisting our corporate clients, trade ranking in the top three for 80% of their stocks.

Market Making

Shore Capital is a key liquidity provider to the London market.

Our experienced team make a market in c.1,500 instruments, is active on both the London Stock Exchange and Aquis and we are the 3rd largest market maker on AIM by registrations.

We advocate a high-touch approach to our market making service with trusted relationships being the focal point. The team have long-established relationships with a wide range of market participants.

Utilising our bespoke trading technologies enables the processing of millions of executions for our client base annually.

Bespoke service supported by leading proprietary trading technology

Shore Capital’s combined Sales Trading and Marketing Making offering is underpinned by our proprietary leading trading technology which ensures clients on both sides receive a high-quality execution service.

With a strong balance sheet and an award-winning settlements team, we are widely recognised as a leading trading partner on the London Stock Exchange, enabling our clients to execute their trades dependably and efficiently.

Nick Conyerd

Head of Market Making

[email protected]
+44 (0) 207 408 4090

David Simmons

Head of Sales Trading

[email protected]
+44 (0) 20 7408 4090