Investment Week VCT webinar

Puma Investments CEO, David Kaye, joins a panel of experts to debate VCTs (Venture Capital Trusts) as they approach their 20th year.

The debate covered the tax efficiency of VCT, EIS portfolios, single company EIS, Seed EIS, BPR and IHT schemes as part of a broader financial planning solution.  It will help to differentiate between schemes based on the normal criteria used for assessing investments – the track record of the investment manager, fees and charges, potential income distribution, and a view of the underlying investment sector.

The expert panel aimed to discuss the questions posed below amongst other things:

  • How to assess a tax-efficient investment scheme? In a sector where there are not established ratings agencies such as Morningstar and FE how can advisers assess the schemes?
  • Suitability: the tax efficiency of the schemes can be tailored to a client’s needs, but what about the investment suitability? How much does an adviser need to know about their clients to match to right scheme to their needs?
  • VCTs as a source of Income: Some VCTs are paying regular dividends – can these be used as part of a wider income solution for clients, particularly in retirement?
  • Limited life VCTs – what role can they play in a client’s portfolio?
  • Keeping on the right side of HMRC – advisers need to understand the criteria used by HMRC to assess the eligibility of the underlying investments, or the schemes risk losing their tax-status. How can advisers ensure schemes are meeting HMRC guidelines?

 To watch the webinar please click here.