06 Mar 17


Our policy on Europe

For over 30 years Shore Capital has focused on helping high quality entrepreneurial management teams to grow their businesses and, in the process, create valuable opportunities for investors. As part of this the Group takes a keen interest in the nexus of business and public policy, aiming to provid

06 Dec 16


UK could become Singapore or Hong Kong of Europe

Howard Shore, explains why he believes Brexit could be a "fantastic opportunity" for the UK economy. To view the interview on CNBC Europe click here.

19 Sep 16


The ‘Goldilocks’ Position of Brexit Thus Far

Howard Shore, founder of Shore Capital, weighs the positive and negative impact of the Brexit decision thus far. He speaks with Guy Johnson and Caroline Hyde on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” Click here to watch.  

13 Sep 16


Future of City really bright post Brexit

  Howard Shore, who campaigned for Brexit, talks to Ian King about his belief that the future of the City is very bright as Britain negotiates its exit from the EU. To view the interview on Sky click here.

04 Feb 16


Federal Reserve policy: wait-and-see

  Howard Shore talks with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg’s “The Pulse” about the Federal Reserve's rate decision; the factors that may impact its rate hike path for 2016; and the "tricky situation" for banks related to China's economic slowdown. Click here to watch the in

28 Oct 15


The Headline Interview with Howard Shore

Executive Chairman Howard Shore was a guest on The Headline Interview aired Tuesday 27 October 2015. Howard talks about setting up Shore Capital, the decision to base his business in Mayfair and building relationships with entrepreneurs. He also gives his opinions on the EU and immigration

15 Oct 15


Howard Shore takes part in a panel discussion on "The Future of Europe" at the Milken Institute London Summit

  "Political polarization, fueled by a massive influx of immigrants and a lagging economic recovery, is threatening the future of the European Union. EU members are increasingly divided over how to deal with thousands of refugees seeking safe haven from Middle East wars. The crisis adds to dis

01 Oct 15


Does the EU help or hinder your business?

Howard Shore, CEO of Shore Capital, speaks to CNBC and says that small business in the U.K. are skeptical of the benefits of European Union membership. Watch the full interview here.

25 Sep 15


Two million SME business leaders say EU hinders their business

Two million SME business leaders say EU hinders their business  74% want Britain to take back power to negotiate our own trade deals Just 25% agree with the rationale for the Single Market  A new poll of SME business leaders has found that a majority of them believe that the EU is hind

31 Jul 15


Howard Shore: An entrepreneur who wants to give the EU the elbow (London Evening Standard)

  Read the article on the Evening Standard website.

05 May 15


Howard Shore takes part in a panel discussion on "Navigating Europe's New Volatility" at the Global Milken Conference 2015

This year, Europe has been shaken out of an unsatisfying stasis by heightened fears of deflation, vigorous central bank action, terrorism in France and political transformation in Greece. The continent's political economy is getting more complicated, and boundaries are being tested. Many wonder how

13 Apr 15


Ahead of the UK election Howard Shore discusses with Bloomberg his views as Parties court the business vote

"Europe is Weak and Cannot Afford a ‘Brexit’": Shore Capital Chairman Howard Shore discusses his mistrust of U.K. Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and a possible exit of Britain from the EU. He speaks with Anna Edwards and Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television. (Source: Bloomberg) Some o

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